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What is a Rear Wheel Drive Wheelchair?

The rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair comes with the drive wheels are at the rear of the wheelchair, right behind the user's center of gravity, and two castors at the front of the wheelchair. When driving, all the power comes from the back of the wheelchair. This allows the user to go long distances quickly and smoothly over rough terrains. If you are looking for speed and stability, a rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair is an ideal choice.

Health Products For You offers rear-wheel drive wheelchairs with diverse specifications to suit varying needs and requirements. These are high-quality, value-added power chairs that have been designed to provide power and stability. The Golden Tech Alante Power Wheelchair from Golden Technologies is an ideal choice for those who value power and stability above all else. Explore today for exciting deals.

Why to choose Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs?

These wheelchairs perform well on straight tracks at high speeds and with non-proportional input devices. They are known to handle terrains very well with good stability and balance. These power wheelchairs offer powerful suspension systems, high drive speeds, and numerous drive control options.

The programmable controller can be customized for those who need special requirements. The rear-wheel-drive wheelchair has a larger turning radius which makes it difficult to navigate in tighter spaces.

Top Benefits of Real Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

1. Easier Drives

Rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair's conception date back to the days when power chairs were designed just like manual wheelchairs, modified with a battery and motor for propulsion fixed in the rear of the wheelchair. Two large wheels, the source of the chair's driving power, were positioned at the rear of the chair with two smaller casters in the front.

They offer good shock absorption, which results in a smoother driving experience. They are easy to drive with the help of a joystick that is mounted on either side. Some users who require and enjoy full power coming from the rear portion of the chair and prefer them as the solution to their specific mobility needs. People who have used rear-wheel-drive power chairs for years prefer to stick with it because of the several benefits it offers.

2. Hassle Free Configuration

The configuration of the drive wheels is the source of this wheelchair's power. This extra power is ideal for aggressive outdoor terrain and is mostly preferred by individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors traversing rough terrains. It is capable of offering high speeds and also offers stability in a variety of different environments. They are equipped with shock absorbers on all wheels to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride experience.

3. Better Control

These wheelchairs provide excellent control to the user while turning. They turn slower, giving the user sufficient time to adjust the joystick to complete the turn. The wider turning radius provides smoother navigation in outdoor spaces.

4. Extra Support

They have the added support of footrests that swing out for easy transfers. The drive wheels are larger and have a superior weight-bearing ability with anti-tip casters that add to the rider's security. These power wheelchairs are designed based on the principle known as directional stability, meaning that the wheelchair will naturally track straight.

Where to buy a Drive Power Wheelchair online?

HPFY offers you affordable power assist wheelchairs with plenty different uses and benefits. Shop with us today to get best deals on every purchase you make.

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Frequently asked questions

In a rear wheel drive power chair the drive wheel is located at the back side of the chair (rear side), with smaller casters in the front side. Rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs are the preferred mobility equipment for individuals who require a chair that is powerful and easy-to-maneuver in a variety of environments.

  • Wider turning radius for smooth navigation outdoors and in open spaces
  • Great performance capability combined with the added support and stability of swing-away footrests
  • Large weight-bearing wheels with anti-tip casters that increase riding security

The maximum speed of rear wheel drive power wheelchairs is 6 miles per hour.

RWD power chairs offer the highest speed and performs well at high speeds. Rear Wheel Drive power bases track very straight that can be beneficial while driving at high speeds and with non-proportional input devices. Additionally a RWD has a good stability and handles aggressive terrain effectively.

Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have a 360-degree circumference and turning radius (30 to 33 inches) making them more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.