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What are Protective Undergarments?

Worn under your clothing like regular underwear, protective underwear and pants are a boon to those suffering from incontinence. They provide excellent protection, and their super absorbent core and anti-leak guards help you stay dry and fresh. These products are slim, discreet and made of breathable material. They provide you all types of incontinence protection – from light to heavy, daytime wear to overnight protection. These protective undergarments can be found in disposable or reusable type and for all age groups – children to adults. At HPFY, you will find incontinence underwear and pants from experienced manufacturers in the industry who deliver high quality products that provide protection, odor control and skin care all at the same time.

Our selection of protective underwear and pants for incontinence has a three-fold aim - absorb moisture, mask odor and protect skin. The pull-up incontinence underwear is the preferred choice of incontinence garment by those who are active. The pull-on and pull-off feature does not require tabs, straps, tapes or buttons. These products offer 4-6 hours of protection on an average with a highly absorbent core. The design enhances the leakage protection of the garments by keeping a wider fit and core width between the legs. This keeps the fluid away from the body.

How to choose the best Incontinence Protective Underwear?

When choosing an incontinence garment, base your selection on:

1. Size of the Protective Underwear

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing your incontinence protective underwear because you must get the right fit. You will be uncomfortable if the underwear is too tight. At the same time, if it is loose, there is a good chance of leakage. Incontinence manufacturers offer several size options – X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, XX-Large, etc. If one size is smaller it is better to try the next larger size because the correct fit is important for comfort and leak-proof experience.

2. Level of Incontinence Protection

There are different absorbency levels available for these pull on incontinence pants. What is the level of protection you are seeking? Know your urine leakage or outflow level and select the type suitable. There are incontinence garments for:

If your fluid flow is moderate in the daytime but heavier at night and you need stronger protection for the night then go for an absorbent pad in the day and protective underwear for nightwear.

3. Specialty Groups for Incontinence Pants

Be gender-specific for the correct size. Our selection includes ladies pull up incontinence pants, protective underwear for men, unisex pull on incontinence underwear, adult protective underwear, youth protective underwear, and incontinence underwear for baby boys and girls.

4. Washable and Disposable Underwear

Protective underwear and pants are available in washable and disposable underwear type. The washable or reusable variety is cost effective and comfortable. The disposable type (like McKesson Underwear, Cardinal Underwear) may prove costlier but displays great absorbency. Choosing from the two will depend on the protection level required. We offer a huge variety from pull-on elastic waist incontinence pants and belted shield undergarment to bariatric protective underwear. You can customize your needs depending on the size, style, level as well as material (cotton, spandex, nylon, stretch, polymer, etc).

Branded and high quality, these products are available at big discounts on our site. Tena absorbency protective underwear for all levels of protection are popular buys. Protective underwear and pants from makers like Medtronic/Covidien, Tranquility, Fitright Super Protective Underwear as well as Wellness pull-up absorbent underwear are top quality.

Where to buy Reusable Incontinence Underwear online?

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of protective undergarments from renowned manufactures like Prevail, Medline Industries, Essity, Attends Healthcare Products, and many more.

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