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Secure and highly reliable power patient lifts provide powerful and smooth maneuverability to persons with restricted mobility. Ergonomically designed and easy to operate, these lifts provide an effective solution to patient-handling requirements and are a boon for healthcare staff and caregivers. Our products have numerous safety features and are ideal for all types of users - weight-bearing individuals as well as those requiring rehabilitation support. Our range of power lifts is versatile and geared to provide a safe environment for the patient and caregiver. Top brands like Hoyer, Alliance and Lumex are available to accommodate safer and dignified handling at home or in nursing facilities.

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Why to Invest in a Power Patient Lift?

Power patient lifts allow for smooth and risk-free transition of a patient to and from a chair, bed or commode. The powered aspect involves minimum exertion from the caregiver and ease of operation allows some patients to even operate the lift independently. The lifts have the dual option of power through electric current as well as battery. In case of power failure, the lift operations can be continued. We offer a variety of power patient lifts that work on electric current and are also battery powered.

How to Choose From a Power Patient Lift?

Choose from a range of power patient lifts which are versatile in nature and designed for several situations – for people with limited mobility; people with severe mobility; users looking for transfers in and out of a swimming pool, etc.

  • Our power lifts are ergonomically designed for smooth transfer of patients with minimum effort from the caregiver. The Hoyer Portable Patient Lift has a unique tapered leg design which allows the lift to get as close as possible to the widest of obstacles. This is particularly helpful when dealing with large chairs, bulky commodes and wheelchairs.
  • There are lifts suitable for several body types.The Stella Sit To Stand from Bestcare can support weight up to 400 lbs and therefore, can handle many patient types. It has a six-point spreader bar for extra security, optional calf and buttock support strap and can be used with standing and toiletry slings.
  • Hoyer’s Classics Heavy Duty is for both bariatric patients and non-bariatric persons and has a weight capacity of 700 lbs. It has a powered base designed to allow the legs to be opened and closed for access around armchairs, wheelchairs, etc, without the need to bend or twist.
  • Innovative features and options make power lifts attractive and efficient. For example, the Alliance Stand-Assist from Chattanooga has a foot pedal base opening for wheelchair/commode access and features an interchangeable battery system compatible with all Alliance power lifts. It supports up to 400 lbs weight capacity.
  • There is the dual power option of hydraulic and battery with Chattanooga’s Alliance HE which makes it an attractive buy. The transition is quick and easy. In case of a power loss, Invacare’s Reliant 450 is instantly lowered manually eliminating risks or anxiety. This model has a high lift range which provides easy access to chairs, commodes, floors and beds with at least 4.5" under-bed clearance.
  • The caregiver’s needs are also kept in mind with the Classics Deluxe Lifter from Hoyer which features ergonomic handle grips for reduced back strain. The lift has a mechanical down-release lever in case non-powered lowering is required.
  • Those looking for assistance in transfer to and from a pool will find a solution for their need in our range of pool power lifts. The Portable Lift from Aqua Creek is portable and has a two-button water resistant remote control for giving full independence to the user. Aqua Creek’s Ambassador has an extended reach and is therefore, ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas.