Patterson Medical


Patterson Medical is a world class provider of rehabilitation, assistive and splinting products across the world. You can choose among wide variety of its quality products like wound care, Bath & Toileting, CPM, Dining, Exercise Equipments, Modalities, Orthopedics, Pediatrics Wheelchair, Rehab Supplies, Evaluation, Splinting, Treatment Furniture, Aids to Daily Living and many more here.

Patterson Medical Aids

Meal Preparation Aids

Meal Preparation Aids, as the name suggests, is designed to assist users in the preparation of meals. These aids not only help in meal preparation but also assist in the preservation of loaves of bread, cloves of garlic and many other items. They embrace rocker knives, chopping board, mortar and pestle, food slicer, peeler, dish brush, bowl holders and sponges, etc.

Commode Aids

Commode Aids made the toileting task much easier for you and your loved ones. These merchandise are reliable and safe, designed to accomplish specific needs. HPFY has a carefully assorted wide range of products that are designed for your convenience and comfort. There are commode aids for normal commodes, free-standing commodes, and bedpans. These aids include: Toilet Seat, Commode Lids, Splash guard, toilet seat cushion

Transfer Bench Aids

Transfer benches are extended seats with armrests that are accustomed to offering secure and comfy bathing expertise for those that are old and frail, unwell or bariatric. A bathroom transfer bench has an extended length that is employed to straddle the side of the tub with 2 legs of the chair outside and 2 sitting within the bathtub. The user is captive from a chair and made to sit down on the bench portion that's outside the tub.

Grab Bar and Rails Aids

Grab bars are simple rod structures that are installed in the bathroom and give the patient support while they stand or sit in the bathroom. These bars are made of waterproof and durable material that lasts long. They can be installed in almost any position and anywhere in the bathroom. Safety rails are just like grab bars in structure however during a rail-like sequence they provide continuous support to the patient whenever the patient is in the toilet. These are mostly wall mounted, but come in different options. Since they additionally shield the patient in the toilet, they can be included under the umbrella of patient protection. These toilet safety aids are must require within the toilet wherever the protection of the patient is that the prime concern.

Raised Toilet Seat Shower Chair Aids

Raised toilet seats are specially created for those who find it difficult to sit down on a regular-height toilet seat. Reasons for this could be knee pain, back pain, weak hips, spine or back difficulties, joint stiffness due to inflammatory conditions like arthritis or recovering from a hip, knee or back surgery. These conditions can make it painful for the person to lower himself on to a normal toilet seat.

Bath Aids

Bath Aids make life easier for those who need help in the bathroom. There are chairs, bath boards, bath cushions, bath brush and pillows, toe washers, storage bags, bath kits and mitts, sponges and bath steps to prevent slipping. Wrap-around bath support for children and adults provide extra support and improved seating posture in a bathtub. Bath Aids are reliable and secure