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Dressing up, just like other household chores requires a lot of coordination and functioning fine motor skills. Dressings aids help enhance these skills by helping a person dress up swiftly and accurately. A number of activities are a part of one’s everyday dressing up schedule, which include buttoning up, tying laces, etc. These adaptive dressing aids help complete these tasks with great ease and comfort.

Adaptive Dressing Aids

There is a wide range of dressing aids for multiple dressing and comfort applications that help make dressing a safe, easy, and comfortable experience.

Dressing Sticks

One of the simplest dressing aids, dressing sticks help in pulling up a number of apparels for which one would have to bend down. Socks, pants, and many more apparels require one to bend down or bend forward. People who have undergone hip surgery, or have conditions or injuries that make bending difficult, can use dressing sticks to easily wear clothes or socks.

Shoe Horns

One of the most popular dressing aids, shoe horns help a person easily insert their foot into shoes. For someone who cannot bend, these one handed dressing aids are a boon. An individual can place the shoe horn into any kind of shoe and then insert their foot easily and comfortably into the shoe. They come in multiple shapes and size options with a build of different materials such plastic, wood, metal, etc.

Zipper Pulls

Reduced fine motor skills, hand weaknesses, or tremors can cause difficulties in zipping ones apparel. Zipper pulls are aids that help in easily pulling up or pulling down a zipper on apparel, shoes, or even on other household items. They can be easily attached and removed whenever needed.

Button Hooks

One of the most dexterous tasks while dressing up is buttoning. One requires careful coordination to button up clothes and people with reduced fine motor skills or decreased finger/hand strength cannot execute it with efficiency. Button hooks help cope with this inefficiency by allowing an individual to easily pull the buttons into the holes, thus securing the apparel.

Other Adaptive Dressing Aids

  • Shoelaces – Tying shoes also is a meticulous task and hence adaptive shoe laces can allow a person to easily secure their shoes. The types of laces include flexible laces, extra long laces, bungee laces, etc.
  • Nail clippers – With wide or long handles, these nail clippers can be used with one hand in remote positions with ease and comfort
  • Lotion applicators – Applying lotions in places which would require you to bend might need a lotion applicator aid that allows you application with ease and safety
  • Others include body groomers, denture brush, toothpaste dispenser, razor holder, clips, dressing vest, extenders, etc.

Why Does One Need Adaptive Dressing Aids?

There are a number of conditions that might require one to adaptive dressing aids. They include:

Dressing Aids for Hip Replacement

For individuals who have undergone hip replacement surgery, executing daily chores can become a difficult task. Bending or standing for too long, moving around a lot, or twisting and turning can all be a painful and might sometimes lead to complications. Dressing aids help reduce this need to bend, twist, or turn thus allowing room for greater efficiency and comfort.

Dressing Aids for Elderly

Elderly people might eventually experience weakness in the hands and fingers, inability to bend, sit or stand for too long, and much more. Adaptive dressing aids help cope with this situation by allowing them to dress up without exerting a lot of stress on their body. They also help an individual become more independent.

Other Conditions

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Reduces fine and gross motor skills
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological disorders

Where to Buy Adaptive Dressing Aids Online?

At HPFY, we prove an extensive range of quality adaptive dressing aids from Patterson Medical. With quality materials and clinical designs, these aids make dressing up a comfortable and safe experience.

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