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What are Patient Lift Slings?

Patient lift sling is an essential element of a patient lift and hooks up to the lift by a metal chain, adjustable strap, or reinforced fabric loops. The sling is placed under the patient for a safe and smooth transfer from a bed, wheelchair, shower, or commode. It is sturdy and capable of carrying heavy weights, eliminating any risk to the patient or the caregiver. We offer the best line of slings to be used with patient lifts. They are slings for lifting patients who are totally or partially dependent, bariatric, or have restricted head control or neck support.

Slings can be used during transfer to and from the commode, for bathing, and more. There are slings with or without head support, with or without commode opening, and available in different fabric types like polyester, nylon, net, spacer (combination of net and foam), and more. We carry products from established manufacturers like Invacare, Drive Medical, Joerns Healthcare, Bestcare, Chattanooga, and Graham-Field.

How to Choose The Correct Patient Sling?

Patient lifting slings are available in different shapes and fabrics. Keep in mind sling width, sling length, as well as sling weight capacity. These are essential vitals to consider when placing your order to ensure an item suitable for the patient's build, weight, purpose, and support needs. The material used for the slings is firm yet soft and does not affect the tender areas or fragile skin of the user. Our lift slings for patients are constructed with various materials, configurations, styles, and colors. We carry top brands in patient lift slings, including Hoyer, Alliance, and Safetysure. Hoyer’s Classics Bath Sling is suitable for around 85% of patient needs. It’s fast draining and drying nylon mesh makes it ideal for bathing. This sling is to be used with Hoyer lifts.

Types of Lift Slings

There are four different types to pick from:

  • U Sling - It is a commonly used sling and designed for those who need less support. It molds around the patient’s body easily for smooth transfer with the patient in a sitting position. Suitable for someone needing moderate head/trunk support.
  • Stand Up Sling - This type is used for sit-to-stand lifts. It is designed for partially dependent patients but with head and neck control who can stand up and bend. Stand up slings assists with standing, toileting, and transfers from bed to chair and vice versa. The Stand Assist Sling from Bestcare has deluxe underarm and lumbar areas padding for comfort and a non-slip inner surface for safe transfer.
  • Bathing/Toileting Sling It has a cut-out in the bottom and is designed for transfer to a commode with the patient in a sitting position. The fabric used for this type is usually mesh, which can be washed and dried quickly. The Mesh Sling is a full-body sling from Invacare with a commode opening. It provides full head, neck, and partial under-thigh support. This product is to be used with Invacare I-Lift Series Lifts and Invacare Reliant 450, 600 Lifts.
  • Full Body Sling - Provides maximum support and transfers patients in a semi-reclined seating position. Invacare lift slings are popular buys. Invacare’s Divided Leg Sling, used with Invacare I-Lift Series lifts and Invacare Reliant 450, 600 lifts, helps transfer patients in a seated or supine position. It is suitable for totally or partially dependent users who are very heavy, non-weight bearing, and have limited head control. The Bestcare Invacare Compatible Sling is available with a commode opening. It has a new stretch-resistant feature to hold the sling in proper shape for maximum support and ease of positioning.

Bestcare’s Universal Disposable Sling is for single patient use. It can be used with any lift with a spreader bar of cradle comprising 4-6 hooks. Its disposable nature makes it ideal in an environment where there is a risk of cross-contamination. Choosing the correct patient lift sling is essential. You can find more information in our Sling Buyer’s Guide.

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