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For healthcare professionals, a stethoscope is a piece of important medical equipment to assess the condition of different body organs. A good stethoscope will help to perform the basic task of auscultation better and more efficiently. The choice of a stethoscope depends on various factors, and there is no single best stethoscope applicable for everyone. Stethoscopes vary based on their size, chest piece, functionality, and specialized patient groups.

Health products for you offer a variety of other stethoscopes which are different from the regular ones. This category includes single-head and dual-head stethoscopes, neonatal stethoscopes, lightweight stethoscopes, disposable stethoscopes, amplifying stethoscopes, teaching stethoscopes, and more from world-class manufacturers.

Types of Stethoscopes

Neonatal Stethoscopes

The neonatal stethoscope is used for the diagnosis and physical assessment of newborn patients. The device comes with a small diaphragm that allows accurate auscultations without any excess ambient noise. Almost all versions of neonatal stethoscopes feature non-chill ring and non-latex construction that avoids allergic reactions. The smaller size of the chest piece makes diagnosis more accurate in a relatively shorter period requiring no adjustments.

Graham-Field Neo-Natal Stethoscope is a Lightweight dual-head chest piece with a black non-chill retaining rim for patient comfort.

Disposable Stethoscopes

Disposable stethoscopes are used to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of unwanted germs. These stethoscopes are ideal for use in infection control locations, PPE environments, and burn units and. It also serves as a backup in emergencies. During Covid 19 pandemic, it was widely used for infection control. The device offers accurate auscultation without compromising patient safety.

Sammons Preston Disposable Stethoscopes provide excellent acoustics and are created for single patient use.

Single-Head Stethoscope

Single head stethoscope typically features one head but tends to have a clearer and more focused sound. Due to its exceptionally clear sound quality, it is the favored model among cardiologists. Cardiology single head stethoscope has a tunable head that functions as both a diaphragm and bell that can capture both high and low frequency sounds simply by changing the pressure applied. Some single head stethoscopes are only meant for blood pressure measurement.

Medline Stainless Steel Single Head Stethoscope is a lightweight model and is used to check blood pressure.

Dual-Head Stethoscope

The dual-head stethoscope has two different heads, bell, and diaphragm to receive sounds. The diaphragm side has a tight drum-like surface and is employed to listen to high-frequency sounds in the heart. The other side is a concave, hollow shape used to listen to low-frequency sounds like a patient’s breathing and lungs. The dual head stethoscope is more versatile, and health care practitioners often choose this as their primary stethoscope. The wider side helps listen to heart irregularities, while the smaller end is used to listen to breathing irregularities.

Medline Dual-Head Stethoscope features a non-chill ring on the bell for increased patient comfort.

Teaching Stethoscope

The teaching stethoscope typically features two sets of tubing attached to the single head, allowing the teacher and the student to hear simultaneously during a physical assessment. Training stethoscopes are mostly equipped with dual heads since they allow for more accurate auscultation during physical examination.

Medline Teaching / Training Stethoscopes are ideal for all clinical and educational conditions.

Where To Buy Stethoscopes Online?

Health products for you feature a wide range of stethoscopes different from the standard ones that help cater to different diagnostic purposes. These products are from renowned manufacturers like Graham-Field Health Products, Mabis DMI, Medline Industries, and many more.