Non-Skid Slippers and Socks - Buy Fall Protection Aids For Seniors


Non skid slippers and socks are an important part of fall protection that helps in protecting a patient from injuries one can sustain from falling, tripping, or slipping. Made from high quality fabric these socks and slippers for the elderly come with wide range of patterns on the sole of the slippers that allow for a better grip on the floor. Different non skid slippers and socks have different patterns that include grooves, friction pads, friction covers, etc. We have a wide range of quality non skid slippers and socks for elders from top manufacturers such as McKesson, Cardinal Health, Posey, Medline, etc.

Features of Non Skid Slippers for Seniors

  • Ultra soft and extremely comfortable to wear allowing for great breathability
  • Quality fabric prevents higher perspiration thus preventing rashes and infections
  • Great gripping on both wet and dry floors
  • Conforms to the foot and can be easily worn with shoes or boots
  • Available in different colors, patterns, and wide range of gripping patterns

Where to Buy Non Skid Slippers Online?

HPFY offers a whole line of high-quality and reliable stock of slippers and socks which are ideal for those who cannot wear full support footwear. The non skid house slippers help prevent falls, comfortable and with a firm grip for ambulating and walking. We also carry non-skid footwear for aquatic rehab pools which are designed to dry up quickly while our terry slippers are ideal for slippery corridor floors and in the shower.