Moisture Wicking Bedding

“Our Health and bodies are tied together in a golden chain that is sleep.”

It is utmost necessary to get a good night’s sleep for keeping healthy. In the menopausal stage often women experience night sweats which can cause a great amount of discomfort and disrupt sleep. To combat this problem HPFY brings to you a range of moisture wicking bedding from Outlast Technologies that provide a full range of temperature regulation bedding products. These products are made up of breathable fabrics that facilitate circulation of air without trapping the heat for the required temperature regulation effect.


Characteristics of Moisture Wicking Bedding

  • Quick Drying: Moisture wicking bedding absorbs the moisture and spreads it over a larger area exposing the moisture to air and accelerating evaporation in comparison to other fabrics. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Moisture usually leaves a damp film on fabrics that becomes a good space for odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and allergens to grow in. Moisture wicking bedding pulls the moisture inside its fibers reducing the opportunity for growth of allergens. 
  • Comfortable:These bedding products include advanced fibers commonly viscose with cotton top for greater comfort. Cotton has a quality to stay cooler.

Temperature regulating bedding absorbs or draws off perspiration through an absorbent material that has a capacity to keep itself dry all night. The capillary action regulates the moisture from high concentration areas to the drier areas. We carry bed sheets, blankets, liners, pillows and covers, mattress pads, sheet sets, comforters and much more for your needs.

Popular Buys

Try the Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad made from a special blend of viscose and cotton for a great cooling effect at night or the Temperature Regulating Pillow made of satin top and filled with polyester fill for people who experience night sweats and many other products to cater to your unique needs. If night sweats and hot flashes are your concern, our moisture wicking bedding products are certainly designed to help. Be sure to find the product that you require and get the satisfaction that you desire. High quality products at best prices on HPFY.