Massage Chairs

Massage therapy is a therapy generally used for stress relief and relaxation. In this therapy the massage therapist will rub, press and otherwise manipulate soft tissues of the body. This massage involves rubbing with hands fingers and sometimes forearms, elbows and feet as well. Massage therapy chairs make the work of massage therapists easier. These chairs allows the therapist to focus on specific areas of the body. These chairs are fully adjustable and provide promotional opportunities to therapists. Find here massage chairs for your massage parlour or Spa at best prices.

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How to Choose a Massage Therapy Chair

  • Firstly take in to account the usage of your chair. Whether you use it in full time practice or for a temporary promotional event. 

  • Then you must see the density of foam offered by the chair. Some chairs consist of two ply foam. Denser foam at the bottom and softer more plush foam at the top. Such chairs may wear out with regular use on daily basis. Chairs with two ply foam are economical. Other chairs are designed with a better quality foam to withstand regular use.  

  • You must also consider the frame of the chair, its weight capacity and your target customers. Whether they are children or adults or bariatric users.  

  • Adjustability also plays a great role in therapy. If the chair is to be used for regular use it must have good adjustability.  

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