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What is a Lymphedema Pad?

Lymphedema pads are pre-formed pads designed to break down and soften the hardened fibrotic tissue under the skin. Lymphedema pads are recommended if you have pockets of pronounced swelling, scarring, and hardening of soft tissue beneath the skin. Foam pads or swell spots are used as a part of the lymphedema management program by providing localized compression to specific parts of the body. In areas of stagnant and concentrated protein-heavy lymphatic fluid, localized targeted pressure and compression can help in breaking down the concentration creating a softer skin area. These pads are extremely versatile and can be used on various parts of the body and under any compressions like garments, bandages, or wraps. Your therapist will help you choose the right pad and show you how to place these pads under compression bandages or garments.

Health Products For You provides a comprehensive selection of lymphedema pads to meet every patient's needs. There are fossa pads to protect the delicate popliteal fossa area, such as a malleolus pad ideal for pressure distribution to the perimalleolar region of the ankle, anterior pads for mastectomy, and lumpectomy care, and male/female genital pads for scrotal or labial swelling and fibrosis. Also available are palm pads, which help maintain proper functional arches of the hand under bandage pressure. All these products are from the leading manufacturer BSN Medical.

Features of Lymphedema Compression Pads

  1. Softens indurated tissue.
  2. Restores the limb or body part to its normal shape.
  3. Fills concavities.
  4. Improves pressure distribution.
  5. Pads bony protuberance.
  6. Supports limb volume reduction.
  7. Gently stimulates the tissue.
  8. Encourages the release of interstitial fluids directing along the lymphatic pathways.
  9. Available in different shapes and sizes and can be applied to different parts of the body.
  10. Made from breathable fabric.
  11. Reusable and can be machine washed.
  12. Increases patient's compliance to the treatment

Top Picks for Best Lymphedema Pads

  1. BSN Jobst JoViPak Lateral Pad is ideal for softening fibrotic areas on the lateral breast.
  2. BSN Jobst JoViPak Cleavage Pad can be used in conjunction with a mastectomy bra to protect sensitive tissues after surgery and to help encourage proper wound drainage.
  3. BSN Jobst JoViPak Male Genital Pad is helpful in the treatment of scrotal swelling and fibrosis. It directs lymph flow away from the testicular area toward an alternate functional lymphatic pathway.
  4. BSN Ready-To-Wear JoViLiner Full Leg is helpful in the treatment of leg edema by improving pressure distribution and increasing compression.
  5. BSN Jobst JoviPak Extended Chin Strap is designed to address edema of the neck, mandible, and the lateral aspects of the face.

Where to buy Lymph Pads Online?

We at Health Products For You offer a broad array of lymphedema pads for various parts of the body like armpit, female and male genitals, palm, dorsum, fossa, etc., which give effective treatment solutions to the patients living with lymphedema. All these products are from the top manufacturer Jobst. Select from the many available shapes and sizes that best support your therapy.

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