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Lightweight wheelchairs can be used throughout the day and for all tasks, from minor activities to sporting fun. They can take all kinds of jolts without affecting the passenger and offer a smooth ride. These lightweight chairs allow the user and caregiver greater maneuverability with more ease and less strain. Lightweight chairs provide sturdy support and with their minimal framework they do away with the bulk of wheelchairs. They are built to provide mobility to those having restricted lower body movement. The light frame provides superior performance allowing for a smooth and effortless ride. Our wheelchairs have innovative, user-friendly features which provide comfort, superb balance, control and convenience. At HPFY, we have a vast collection of wheelchairs, these are specifically fashioned, to aid you, by the leading brands of industry namely, Invacare Corporation, Drive Medical, and Ita-Med Co.

How Much do Lightweight Wheelchairs Weigh?

Lightweight wheelchairs are designed to be very light in weight because of the material they are made from - aluminum, sometimes from steel or a combination of both. Weight of lightweight wheelchairs is generally between 29 to 34 lbs. Latest designs feature ultra light wheelchairs with some models weighing as little as 15 to 35 lbs. There is, however, no compromise on quality.

Choosing a Lightweight Wheelchair

Lightweight wheelchairs have multiple attractive features so choosing one becomes difficult. Make it easier on yourself by learning about the features available and base your preferences and selection on that. Additionally, consider your activity level, age, gender, body type and the terrain you are likely to visit.


If you are a frequent traveller then you will require a portable lightweight wheelchair which can fold-up easily and is light to hold and compact for storage. There are several folding wheelchairs which have lightweight frames that collapse easily for portability. The 9000 XT Wheelchair from Invacare can be folded up with ease. It is made of carbon steel frame and its dual axle helps the user self-propel or be propelled by another.

  • If you are looking to choose an ultra lightweight chair then an example is the Drive Cougar which weighs 27 lbs and can support a weight capacity of 250 lbs. This product has highly customizable features – from height and position to rear axle.  
  • If your requirement is a heavy-duty wheelchair, we have items with support capacity going up to 400 lbs. Aqua Creek’s Aquatic Wheelchair is sturdy, built for daily use in the pool and has weight capacity of 375 lbs.

Transport Wheelchairs/Manual Wheelchairs

Lightweight manual wheelchairs mostly weigh between 25 to 35 lbs and are easy to maneuver up a wheelchair ramp. We offer lightweight wheelchairs that can be used as a transport chair and, at the same time, can be self-propelled manual wheelchairs.

  • The Invacare 9000 SL 18 Inches Wheelchair is a durable, steel wheelchair with space-saver arms to reduce overall frame width for added convenience. It features dual axle positions for various seat-to-floor heights to provide user comfort and no flex wheels with urethane rear tires for superior performance.

  • The Poly-Fly Transport Chair from Drive Medical can be used as a standard, self-propelled wheelchair or a transport chair. The quick release 24" wheels can be easily removed to transition from a wheelchair to a transport chair.

Where to buy Lightweight Wheelchairs Online?

At HPFY, you will find different types of wheelchairs on sale from well-known manufacturers like Invacare Corporation, Drive Medical and Medline.

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Features and Options At HPFY

Our wheel chairs have cutting-edge technology combined with an ergonomic design. Customize your wheelchair to suit your specific needs. Attractive options to consider are swing-away or fold-down footrests, detachable or flip-back armrests. You could also opt for desk arms that allow you to move the chair close to a desk or dining table. If you select a wheelchair that has a reclining back, you can also opt for elevated leg rests to increase the comfort.  

  • The Drive Cruiser III offers multiple options - flip-back detachable desk arm, flip-back detachable full arm, flip-back detachable and adjustable height desk arm, flip-back detachable and adjustable height full arm, swing-away footrest and elevating leg rest.

  • We also carry lightweight wheelchairs that can be used for sporting activities. Silver Sport from Drive Medical is equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining mechanism which can recline the chair up to 180 degrees. It features standard anti-tippers along with composite Mag-style wheels to prevent tipping thus ensuring user safety. 

Customize your lightweight wheelchair with the above mentioned options as well as different upholstery, patterns and color choices. Complement your wheelchair with our selection of wheelchair cushions. Read here on how to choose the best one.

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