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What are Bathroom Grab Bars And Safety Rails?

Bathroom grab bars and safety rails are designed to support getting in and out of the bathtub safely. The frail and the elderly, children, bariatric and those with a disability find these helpful. Grab bars and safety rails help individuals maintain balance in a slippery bathtub or shower, helping them raise themselves safely and effortlessly. A slip or a fall in the bathroom can have hazardous consequences therefore, grab bars and safety rails are essential items in a bathroom for those with limited mobility, limited range of motion or frail health. At HPFY you will find grab bars and safety rails of varying types to suit your needs. Browse our extensive collection today!

Types of Shower Grab Bars

Shower grab bars are commonly used for the shower, bathtub and attached to bathroom walls. When buying one, it is important to keep in mind the requirement such as the weight of the individual who will be using it and where. Grab bars are made of different material and have varying quality grip. All these must be kept in mind when selecting shower safety bars for your bathroom. Types of shower grab bars include wall grab bars, tub grab bars, knurled grab bars, shower suction grab handles, curved grab bars and security poles.

  • Wall Grab Bar: Wall grab bars are designed to assist during a bath or when using a commode. They are made of high-quality heavy duty steel tubing and offer safety and stability. 

  • Tub Grab Bar: Tub grab bars are fixed to the sides of the bathtub in such a manner that the user can grab it to pull in and out of the tub. These shower safety bars have a locking device to keep them securely attached to the bathtub. Some have multiple grip areas on the handle to provide a non-slip comfort grip to make bathing safer and comfortable. Example - Drive Clamp On Tub Rail

  • Knurled Grab Bar: Knurled grab bars have a knurled finish to provide a firm grasping surface even when wet. These are sturdy stainless steel, rust-proof construction and include flexibility of horizontal or vertical mounting, grab bar and horizontal pivoting/locking bar. 

  • Suction Cup Grab Bar: Suction cup grab handles feature two suction cups designed to adhere to most smooth, non-porous surfaces. These shower suction grab handles do not require tools for installation and can be attached without the need to drill holes in the wall. Made of high-quality material that will not rust, these shower suction grab handles are portable and can conveniently be carried around. 

  • Curved Grab Bar: Curved shower grab bars provide multiple gripping options at different heights for the user. Standing and sitting is made easy. They are made of rust-resistant zinc plated steel and are an excellent option for all bathroom safety needs. 

  • Security Pole: Security poles provide flexible gripping options from floor to the ceiling. So standing, sitting, climbing stairs or transferring is made easy with this grip bar which is made of heavy-duty durable steel.

Popular buys in shower grab bars include Carex textured wall grab bars, Carex white wall grab bar and Essential Medical while enamel grab bar.

Why Choose Toilet Safety Rails?

Choosing the right safety rail is important for complete protection in the bathroom. Selection will depend on several factors such as age, weight and situation. One person’s requirement will differ from another’s. Need-based selection should include the user’s health. If the person has limited dexterity owing to arthritis or a disability, then the safety rail for showers should have a comfortable grip with adequate space between the wall surface and the rail. For a more secure grip, a smaller sized rail would be preferable. Someone with visual impairment can opt for colored shower grab bars which make them stand out from the color of the wall and helps identification easier. Selection will depend on the color of the wall because the safety rail should be in contrast with it. Rail positioning or shower grab bars placement will also play an important role in selection.

Safety rails for showers that run from floor to ceiling are for those who need help turning around and stepping in and out of the toilet or bathtub. Those who need support getting up will find vertical rails useful for pulling up into a standing position. Horizontal rails are suitable for those looking to push down on a support more than pulling on it. What will be the weight support capacity of the safety rails for showers? There are bariatric safety rails to accommodate heavy-duty persons. Then there are those which can support up to 250 pounds. The finish of the safety rail will depend on the user, too. If the user is elderly and has fragile skin, the texture of the safety rail should not be too rough. Yet, too smooth a rail will make grasping difficult when wet. A mildly textured contoured handle will do the job well.

  • Tub Safety Rails: There are tub safety rails which have an easy-to-adjust locking mechanism and gripping surfaces to allow easy and safe entry and exit from the bathtub.  

  • Toilet Safety Rails: Toilet safety rails are designed to assist users to sit and stand safely. They are fixed to the floor and built to withstand great weight. They allow the elderly and ill people to lead a more independent lifestyle.  

  • Toilet Safety Frame: Toilet safety frames are designed to provide complete protection to the user from accidental falls as well as fool-proof assistance when sitting down and standing up. The frames are height adjustable and have armrests for added comfort. 

  • Shower Support Rails: Shower support rails have solid construction and mounting and are safe for use in a wet environment. An option is available for wall or floor mounting in safety rails for showers.

Where to buy Bathroom Grab Bars And Safety Rails Online?

Grab bars and safety rails meet most requirements of different types of users. Example of such products include Essential Medical Height Adjustable toilet safety rail, HealthCraft angled P.T. rail, Homecraft Ringwood wall to floor grab rail and Drive stand alone toilet safety rail. They are an easy and inexpensive way of maintaining patient safety and security. Use of these grab bars and safety rails can prevent accidents in the bathroom and give peace of mind to both the user and the caregiver. There are different types of grab bars and safety rails with specific models to choose from. The collection includes safety rails for showers, shower safety bars, shower suction grab handles, bath handrails, support bars for bathroom and handicap toilet grab bars.Buy from top manufacturers of HPFY like Patterson , Drive Medical and Homecraft Medical.