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Dysphagia patients experience difficulty in chewing and swallowing food. Patients sometimes also feel pain or choke while swallowing standard food as the food might enter the airway. A diet that is specially made for such people can help in meeting the nutritional deficiencies. This diet must be of an appropriate consistency so that it can be swallowed easily. Food thickeners are thickening agents that increase the thickness (viscosity) of liquid or pureed foods without changing the properties of these foods. They are used to thicken soups, puddings and sauces without changing the taste. Find here food thickeners and pre thickened food in many flavours with just the right consistency. Buy now!

Consistency of Pureed Diet for Dysphagia

Pureed foods must be smooth, homogeneous and cohesive like a pudding. You may use a blender or food processor to puree food. Be sure to strain solid food particles if any. Cook the food until soft and edible before pureeing. Add the indicated amount of thickeners to achieve the required consistency. Try giving several small meals throughout the day rather than large meals to meet the nutritional needs of dysphagia patients. Calorie boosters like butter or sugar can also be added to the food if appropriate. 

Pre-Thickened foods are also available in various flavors. These foods are properly cooked before pureeing and deliver great taste with the required consistency. These foods are prepared according to guidelines of dietitians and provide good nutritional value. We bring to you a range of food thickeners and pre thickened foods like Kent Thick-It Purees, Kent Thick-It Original Instant Food And Beverage Thickeners and many more from top manufacturers like Kent Precision Foods Group, Nestle Nutrition, Simply Thick etc. at best prices and attractive discounts.