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External catheters at HPFY

External catheters, also known as condom catheters, are urinary sheaths designed to treat short-term male incontinence. It is shaped like a condom that easily rolls over a man’s penis and is connected via tubing to a bag to collect the urine. At HPFY, we carry a whole variety of external catheters for males. Our range includes all-silicone self-adhering condom catheters, condom catheters with straps, external catheters with short sheath lengths, external male catheters with a watertight adhesive seal, reusable condom catheters, and much more. You can choose from latex and non-latex types and base your selection on properties like hypoallergenic and non-sterile

How do Male External Catheters Work?

  1. An external catheter is slipped onto a male user’s penis and secured using medical adhesive or an inflatable retention ring. Urine from the bladder flows out through the urethra, sheath, and into the attached leg urinary bag or bedside urinary bag.
  2. External condom catheter systems are non-invasive and hence easy to use. Men prefer them with incontinence over the intermittent catheter or indwelling catheter. Since the catheter is not inserted, there are fewer chances of urinary tract infections and reduced trauma.
  3. Condom cath for men is available in several types and sizes. Generally, the usage period is 12-48 hours, and most of these are disposable urinary sheaths. For easy inspection of skin to monitor skin health, a pop-on male catheter is useful with its clear sheath. An example is the Rochester Medical Pop-On male catheter.
  4. The male incontinence sheath is usually connected to a urine bag strapped to the leg or an overnight urine bag to be hung by the bedside. But the Bioderm Liberty 3.0 external catheter has an integral collection chamber that can hold up to 8 fl. oz.
  5. Condom catheters may be self-adhering, such as UltraFlex Male External Catheter. They have an adhesive on the inner ring, while others have adhesive tapes to hold the catheter in place. An inflatable retention ring and foam straps are other options to secure the catheter. The Rochester wide band condom catheter has a 3-inch wide adhesive area that is 70% wider than traditional self-adhering catheters

How do you choose a Condom Catheter?

  • Size: Condom catheter sizing is important because if too small, then applying the catheter will be difficult and can cause irritation, pain, and injury. If too big, then there is a risk of leakage and staying securely in place. Check a sizing guide to determine which device will fit you right. Till you get the size right, keep a lookout for any occurrence of ischemia or restricted blood flow and penile obstruction, which may be the result of too tight a sheath. Any skin irritation can be avoided by using a skin barrier product over the skin before rolling on the condom catheter.
  • Sensitivity: If you have a latex allergy, opt for silicone catheters or latex-free sheath condoms, which are also self-adhering. Conveen Optima is made of PSX silicone material. It has an anti-leakage system of a push ring with sure grip ribs, anti-kink bellow to ensure free flow and balanced adhesive. The Rochester UltraFlex is also a great option that offers a built-in adhesive band in a length and placement typical of traditional male external catheters. Its size and clear, breathable silicone design work well for a wide range of patients.
  • Our atex condom catheter range is huge from manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, Rush, Urocare, Bard, and Amsino. The Hollister extended wear latex external catheter has double convolutions to prevent kinking and twisting and an inner flap to minimize urine backflow. The Freedom Clear Advantage male external catheter from Coloplast has aloe in the adhesive to protect the skin and a kink-resistant nozzle to ensure free flow at all times.

Texas Condom Catheter Available at HPFY

What is a Texas Catheter?

Texas Catheters are used when we cannot use an indwelling catheter. Texas Catheters are used externally and fit across the glans penis and direct voided urine into a collecting device. As Texas Catheters are external, they greatly reduce contracting urinary tract infections.

Texas Catheters differ from external catheters. They usually come with a self-adhering elastic foam strap or Velcro strap to keep the catheter in place and not fall off during the day. We carry several Texas Catheters from top leading manufacturers.

Indications to use Texas Condom Catheter

  • Limited access to the toilet from dementia, impaired vision, or decreased mobility
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Safety concerns with unassisted toilet use
  • Uncontrollable urinary frequency
  • Reflexive voiding from spinal cord injuries
  • Damage to sphincter from prostatectomy
  • Urethral trauma

How do you use Texas catheter?

Proper application is crucial.

  • Any remaining creams or adhesives should be completely removed.
  • Clean the penis properly with soap and water before drying fully.
  • If a skin protectant is needed, apply it and allow for it to dry completely before inserting the Texas condom catheter.
  • Leave the foreskin in its normal position during Texas catheter administration; down.

Things to remember while using Texas Condom Catheter

  • If your Texas Catheter contains an adhesive, don't use moisture barrier creams.
  • Shaving pubic hair can irritate the skin and is not advised.
  • Trim the long hair and worn hair protector. If you don't have a hair guard, you can use a paper towel with a hole cut in the middle to apply the catheter and then remove it once it's in place.
  • Never use Adhesive tapes to keep a Texas Catheter in place. They can injure the penis and cause the catheter to malfunction.
  • Keeping an eye on the Texas Catheter during use can help detect issues like penile constriction and kinks in the collecting tube before they become serious.

How to Remove Texas Condom Catheter?

Type of Texas Catheter being used and the patient's skin sensitivity can vary catheter wear times. The average wear time is between 12 and 72 hours and should be re-evaluated periodically to ensure successful use.

  • Remove the catheter for cleaning and skin inspection every day unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise.
  • The Texas condom catheters with adhesive can be readily removed by soaking for 30 seconds in a warm towel.

External Condom Catheter FAQs:

1. When should catheters be used?

If you have urinary incontinence or urinary retention, your doctor may advise you to use a catheter.

2. What are the three types of catheters?

  • Indwelling catheters
  • External catheters
  • Short-term catheters

3. How do I know what size condom catheter I need?

Measure around the shaft of the penis and then divide that number by 3.14 (pie), how you get the diameter. The condom catheters are sized in millimeters and are based on the diameter of your penis, not the circumference.

4. How do they remove an external male catheter?

Gently lift a bit of catheter from the skin, then pull the catheter material gently towards "off" while gently pulling the skin towards the body. No need to pinch it, just a bit of thumb pressure and pull toward the body.

5. What is a condom catheter used for?

An external condom catheter is a urinary catheter — a tube that allows the flow of urine — that users can wear outside the penis instead of inside the urethra, a natural tube inside the penis. It collects urine for people who have difficulty holding their urine or cannot walk to the bathroom.

6. How do you know what size condom catheter to use?

All manufacturers of condom urine catheters have a measuring guide to help you select the proper size. With a condom catheter sizing guide, put the notch area just behind the glans and pick the size that most exactly fits. If you measure between two sizes, choose the bigger of the two.

7. What should I remember about using a condom catheter?

Condom catheters come in a variety of materials. If you are allergic to latex, avoid using a latex catheter. Condom catheters come in various shapes and sizes, and they all attach to your penis in different ways. Some condom catheters are Velcro-attached, while others are medical tape-attached. Do not apply adhesive tape. Always follow the condom catheter's instructions.

8. When should I make an appointment with my doctor?

  • Your urine is pink or red.
  • In the last 6 to 8 hours, no pee has emptied through the catheter.
  • Your urine has a distinct odor.
  • Urine is heavy, cloudy, or contains mucous.
  • You have urethral, bladder, or abdominal pain or burning.
  • Your penis becomes bloated, red, or purple.
  • Your urine is pink or red.

Where can I buy External Condom Catheter Online?

HPFY offers a variety of external catheters. Our wide range also includes condom catheters with straps, short sheath length, watertight adhesive seal, reusable, and much more. You can choose from latex and non-latex types as well. Please browse through our wide collection and choose the design that best suits you.

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