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Hand dynamometers are instruments that are used to test the hand grip strength. They are also used for a comparative measurement in left and right hands. Any type of hand trauma or dysfunction can be assessed with the help of these devices. Also the effectiveness of treatment can be judged during the period of recovery. Modern dynamometers come equipped with features like a digital display. Many types of dynamometers exist including Strain Gauge Dynamometer or Push-Pull Dynamometer, Hydraulic Gauge Dynamometer and Pneumatic Dynamometer. These devices can also be used to measure strength of arm, back or leg in order to evaluate the physical performance. Dynamometers measure the force applied to the lever or by pulling the cable. The measurement (moment of force) is determined by multiplying the two quantities (Perpendicular distance from the force x Axis of the level).


Hydraulic Gauge Dynamometer

It is the most commonly used of all types of dynamometers. These machines are accurate and reliable. They consist of a plastic or metal grip that the patient holds and compresses. The result is displayed via a gauge or a digital display.

Pneumatic Dynamometer

These dynamometers contain a ball at the end of the tube which the patient is required to squeeze based on which the measurement is taken and displayed.

Strain Gauge Dynamometer

These instruments are more sensitive and are basically designed for people with a weak or frail grip. These dynamometers are used for patients with certain neuromuscular disorders.

Push-Pull Dynamometer

These machines measure the force exerted through a push or a pull. Static/isometric or dynamic forces are used for measurement. Lifting capacity, push or pull strength can be tested using these dynamometers. 

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