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Briefs and diapers for adults are designed to have greater absorbency and be leakage proof. Accidents, especially in public, can be embarrassing. These are taken into account when developing incontinence products to ensure peace of mind. Innovation is introduced to provide maximum user comfort. We have a whole line of high quality and versatile incontinence briefs and diapers from reliable and trusted names in the industry like Kendall, Prevail, Tranquility, Tena and many more. These products are skin friendly and comfortable, even for long-term wear, and developed to provide superior fit and containment.

Types of Incontinence Diapers and Briefs

Adult Diapers with Tabs

Tab-style incontinence briefs have flexible closures that can be fastened as per requirement so as to provide a precise fit and give added security. The Attends Extended and FitRight Extra Briefs are an example of this type. They have air-comfort breathable side panels allowing air to pass through for keeping skin drier and healthier. The Medline Ultra Absorbent Briefs are another example of adult briefs with tabs that have repeated fasten quality. A user-friendly feature in this product is the moisture alert wetness indicator which changes color when the garment is soiled. Tranquility ATN is another popular option in this type which offers unmatched overnight incontinence protection.

Fitted Incontinence Briefs

Fitted incontinence diapers are designed to provide optimum fit. They feature leak-guard barriers to ensure no embarrassing moments. Depends adult diapers with tabs have three Velcro tabs on both sides for easy yet discreet changing. They are developed to control heavy-to-complete loss of bladder control. There is a fitted brief also from Depend exclusively for women - Silhouette Moderate Absorbency Incontinence Briefs. These are meant for exercise or workouts and have an underwear-like fit for discreet protection.

Adult Cloth Diapers

Cloth-backed incontinence briefs improve the waterproof ability of the diapers yet remain breathable.The Medline FitRight Briefs have skin-safe closures to provide secure, safe and repeated re-fasten ability. They have silver series 4D-Core with odor protection which quickly wicks away fluid. This keeps the skin dry and maintains skin integrity.

Belted Diapers and Briefs

Belted diapers and briefs feature elastic straps with buttons. These allow a snug fit eliminating leakage incidents. Tena Flex Belted Adult Disposable Incontinence Briefs are an example of a good belted garment with an extra wide belt. They conform to the body’s natural contours and movements ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. They are ideal for extended or night time use.

Pull-Up Incontinence Briefs

Pull-up incontinence briefs from Salk - Salk CareFor Ultra Mens' Brief with Odor Control Halo Shield – looks and feels like regular underwear with a fully functioning fly front. The Halo Shield under pad gets rid of 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria within a span of 10 minutes.

Stretch-Style Diapers and Briefs

Stretch-style diapers and briefs provide flexibility because of the stretch design. Tena Stretch Super Absorbency Briefs have fully breathable stretch sides to protect the skin and provide a secure fit. Fit Right Stretch Ultra Adult Briefs from Medline have panels which stretch for flexible and comfortable fit and the hip-protect side panels keep the skin protected from excess friction and pressure.

How to choose the best Adult Diaper or Brief?

Incontinence Diapers and Briefs - Popular Brands

  • Prevail is a top diaper brand and popular with users because of the many unique features it incorporates. Its Breezers 360 Degree Ultimate Absorbency Adult Brief has an Air Max Deluxe design involving a breakthrough cloth-like fabric for total protection. The outer cover features multiple tab refastening options for improved fit, accurate sizing and cost effectiveness. Prevail Air Diapers comes with 100% breathable AirMax Layer. Soft dual-core system that help lock up moisture. Prevail Breezers are adult briefs with ultimate absorbency features easy-lock fastener (ELF) technology and provides maximum protection.

  • Another top brand we have here is Dignity. Its breathable briefs have a three-layer absorbent core to distribute fluid evenly. It also maintains a skin-friendly pH 5.5 environment.

  • Other popular brands featured here include Kendall, Tranquility and Abri-Form.

  • All products are made from high quality and skin-friendly fabric. These include polymer, cotton and polyester. Also there is a choice in reusable and disposable variety. All sizes and fits are available.

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