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Catheter Securement Device is intended to hold the catheter in place securely, and it prevents urine backflow and urethral trauma caused due to catheter movement or dislodgement. The wide range of catheter holders available at HPFY are lightweight and allow for easy patient movement (like Dale Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder). They leave the insertion site visible for examination and cleaning. They are gentle to wear and do not cause any skin trauma or injury.

Types of Catheter Securement Device 

There are different types of catheter stabilization devices available to meet the specific requirements of the users. They are explained below:

  • Adhesive Catheter Securement Device

    Adhesive catheter stabilization device easily molds to any contour and reduces the discomfort caused to attachment sites like inner thighs. It has an opening to insert the catheter tube and a small clasp to gently lock the catheter in place without obstructing the flow of urine. Example is StatLock Foley Stabilization Device.

  • Catheter Leg Straps

    Catheter leg strap are a good alternative for individuals who do not want to deal with adhesive catheter holders. They are wrapped around the circumference of the thigh to hold the catheter in place while allowing patient movement. These catheter securement devices can be removed and changed within a few minutes.

Benefits of using Catheter Stabilization Device

  • Safe: Catheter securement device is safe to use near insertion sites. 
  • Simple: Easy to place and remove with gloved hands.
  • Secure: Secure the catheter tube in place and prevent dislodgement, resulting in reduced patient discomfort. 
  • Stable: Keeps the catheter stable, preventing the risks of trauma and urethral irritation. 
  • Versatile: Can be used with an extended range of catheter types and brands.

Foley catheter securement device Features

  • Soft and flexible fabric with breathable material 
  • Hypoallergenic skin contact adhesives 
  • Low profile with no pins or hard plastic parts 
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Where to buy Catheter Securement Devices?

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