Buy Car And Travel Aids

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Car And Travel Aids are used to make car rides more comfortable and enjoyable. People with limited mobility and grip often feel it difficult to get in and out of the car. To help such people, mobility car aids include products like swivelling car seats, seat belt extenders, book holders, lap trays, grab bars, etc. All these products make it easier for users to access car independently. Health Products For You offers car mobility aids from top selling manufacturers like Standers, Bestcare, Enabling Devices, Mobility Transfer Systems, and many more.

Types of Car and Travel Aids

  • Transfer Aids: Car Transfer Aids feature products that are designed to make car transfers safer and easier for people with limited mobility. They include grab bars, car caddie and more to minimize the risk of accidents while moving in and out of the car. 

  • Travel Aids: Travel Aids contain general car accessories required while travelling, like car packs for holding various items, book holders, lap trays, etc. All of these products can be very helpful when user is out and away from home. 

  • Swivelling Car Seats: Swivelling Car Seats are designed for elderly and disabled people to facilitate easy entry and exit from the vehicle. Users can keep their legs together and simply swivel to get the correct seating position. 

  • Seat Belt Aid: Seat Belt Aids help people with limited arm mobility to fasten the seat belt. They attach to any seat belt and provide an extended handle for users to reach the seat belt buckle effortlessly.