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What is Walking Cane?

Walking Cane is a device that helps people with visual impairments or reduced strength due to illnesses/injuries by walking with the cane independently with minimal support. These devices offer freedom and help an individual in walking. They give you a base of support and are available in many varieties and designs to meet the diverse needs of users.

Types of Mobility Canes

We also have blind stick or Canes for Visually Impaired and Retractable ice-tip cane for you.

Our Best-Selling Walking Canes

1. EZ-Step Stair Climbing quad Cane

EZ-Step Stair Climbing quad cane makes stairways accessible to anyone who struggles when climbing stairs. This stair climbing aid may be used as a Quad Cane for greater stability. It provides protection from falling while climbing stairs, curbs, or sidewalks.

Features of Stair Climbing Aid by EZ

2. Medline Adjustable Aluminum Cane

Medline Adjustable Aluminum Cane is a nice alternative to the institutional look of chrome walking aids. It has foam handles and convenient wrist straps. The unique patterns give users the right cane for different occasions.

Features of Medline Adjustable Aluminum Cane

3. Alex Orthopedic Tourist Handle Wood Canes

Alex Orthopedic Tourist Handle Wood Canes are traditional walking canes, also known as hospital canes. They have a polished, elegant look for balance support and can be used in either right or left hand.

Features of Alex Orthopedic Canes

Where to buy Mobility Canes Online?

Health Products For You offer a wide assortment of walking canes for sale, including adjustable, folding canes, quad canes, standard, bariatric canes, and many more. Choose the one that best suits your requirement today! Buy canes that suit your style and requirement from the best manufacturers like Mabis DMI Healthcare, Essential Medical, Drive Medical, and many more at attractive discounts on HPFY… Buy now to get the best deal and save big!

Articles on Walking Canes

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Rollator or Walker: Similar but Different

Kevin Cleary Jul 07,2016

As we age we sometimes require a little help to maintain our stability and mobility. The last thing we want for ourselves or our loved ones is to fall and sustain an injury occur to ourselves or a loved one.

Accessorize Your Walker or Rollator

Kevin Cleary Jul 09,2016

To properly use a walker or rollator you must always use two hands securely. It’s a lot like driving your car; the best way to do it is with two hands. As you can imagine this makes carrying any belongings


Frequently asked questions

How much a cane will last varies greatly depending on the customer, the pressure put on the cane (light or heavy duty), and the number of mile/kilometres walked all contribute to this measure and have an impact on the wear and tear of the cane. In general a graphite cane will last twice as long as an aluminium cane.

Tip life is depends on usage of the cane. Life expectancy is a combination of mileage and the surface the cane is used on.

Correct height of a cane is when the cane handle reaches the wrist bone. Standing upright with both arms relaxed at your sides and wearing the shoes that you normally wear, measure from the floor to your wrist bone.

A quad cane has four legs, and offers a wider base and greater stability when compared to single platform models.

Types of canes include:
  • Adjustable Canes
  • Folding Canes
  • Quad Canes
  • Standard Canes
  • Bariatric Canes
  • Seat Canes
  • Canes for Visually Impaired
  • Retractable ice-tip cane

Most walking canes are made of Aluminium as it makes them lightweight and easy to carry for the elderly and those with limited strength, but they are still really strong.

Folding canes are great for travelling. It is a favorable option when you do not always require a cane, it can easily be folded and put into the trunk or a suitcase. While in a flight or car you can always fold and keep them aside.

Folding canes are great for travelling. It is a favorable option when you do not always require a cane, it can easily be folded and put into the trunk or a suitcase. While in a flight or car you can always fold and keep them aside.

Quad canes offer extra support and stability due to the four rubber capped feet in its bottom. It is also free standing which is an added advantage.