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Feel confident and wholesome at all times with our range of mastectomy breast forms for mastectomy patients. Discover a full range of breast forms that offer you a natural feel. These products are made of soft and fine quality fabric which protects the sensitive skin of the user and gives her a sense of security. Mastectomy breast forms are designed to provide a realistic look and feel soft and natural on the skin. They come in different sizes, styles, materials and may have an artificial nipple or a particular shape. We carry products from the best manufacturers that are available in breast forms - Amoena, ABC, Anita Care, Nearly Me and Classique.

How to Use Mastectomy Breast Forms?

Breast forms can be worn externally or are attached to the skin. External breast prostheses are worn inside mastectomy pocketed bras. The attachable breast forms are for those who do not want to wear pocketed bras and use a prosthetic that is a self-adhesive breast form and can be attached to the skin with adhesives. Camisole prosthesis is suitable for those who have just had a mastectomy and the scars have not yet healed. There is no bra involved and the breast forms are slipped inside a soft camisole which is gentle on the body. If wearing a top with a built-in shelf bra, you do not even need a mastectomy bra.

Which Mastectomy Breast Forms are the Best?

The best mastectomy breast forms are those which can be worn in all situations, resist shifting and imbalance, feel natural and be as close as possible in appearance and feel to the biological breast. Buying such a mastectomy breast form is not difficult with the wide range we have on offer from the best manufacturers of mastectomy breast forms.

Where can I buy Breast Prosthesis?

HPFY Offers a wide range of mastectomy breast prosthesis hand-picked to make sure you receive top quality products manufactured with precision by best-in-class makers that ensure you forget the discomforts associated with wearing breast forms.

How to select the right type of Breast Forms after Mastectomy?

After mastectomy, choosing the right type of a breast form becomes important. And an important criterion for this is the material.

  • Generally, mastectomy breast forms are made of silicone gel, latex, rubber and other gel substances. Silicone breast forms are popular and comfortable but they are expensive. An example of good silicone breast prosthesis is the Amoena Balance Delta 282B which is a two-layer partial breast form with a lightweight silicone on the back and an extra soft silicone covered with a thin film to cling gently to the operated breast.  

  • A more cost-effective alternative is the non-silicone breast prosthesis such as those made of foam or fiberfill. These breast forms have the shape of a natural breast but not the weight, droop or feel. Foam/fiberfill breast forms can be worn post mastectomy or during workout and keep you cool in hot weather. 

  • A fine example of a foam breast form is Trulife Tri-Leisure weighted type which is a soft and lightweight product best for temporary wear during leisure activities. 

  • In our collection of mastectomy breast form type, options available are mastectomy silicone breast forms, non-silicone/lightweight forms, cooler forms, dark tone forms, swim/exercise forms, attachable forms, foam/fiberfill forms and leisure forms.

What to Consider when buying Mastectomy Prosthesis?

Several other factors are involved when considering which mastectomy breast form to buy. These include:

Mastectomy Breast Form Design

There are two designs available – symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical breast forms are ideal for those with uneven breasts who need a more symmetrical shape. Asymmetrical breast form is available for both left and right fitting. The Nearly Me 420 breast form is made of soft, polyurethane foam and fits both the right and left side while Essential 2A 353 breast form from Amoena is an asymmetrical 100% silicone breast form.

Mastectomy Breast Form Fit

Mastectomy breast forms are available in three fits - average fit, full fit and shallow fit. Average fit breast forms are for those with an average profile and looking for minimum coverage and lower necklines. Full fit mastectomy breast forms are bought by those who need full cup fitting. The Anita Care silicone prosthesis is a full breast form with full weight compensation after mastectomy. Shallow fit mastectomy breast forms are for those with semi-full profile and provide high transition to the upper chest wall where less volume is required.

Mastectomy Breast Form Shape

You can choose from three breast form shapes - triangular, heart shape, oval shape and teardrop. Triangular breast form is meant for all surgery and body types. It fits well in post-surgical camisoles and pocketed bras. The ABC Breast Prosthesis 1022 is a good example of a triangle-shaped breast form designed to prevent irritating crossovers. Oval shape breast forms can be positioned anywhere on the breast and rotated and positioned as needed. Heart shape breast forms provide a natural outline to keep the wearer feeling comfortable and confident. Teardrop breast forms give a versatile shape that tapers at the top extension and allows several positioning options.

What Size Mastectomy Breast Forms Should I Get?

The most important thing about wearing a mastectomy breast form is getting the size right. Comfort and wear time extension will depend on this factor. So before buying a breast form after mastectomy, check our sizing guide for different manufacturers.

Benefits of Mastectomy Breast Forms

Wearing mastectomy breast prosthesis has a positive effect on your physical well being. Its weight will help improve your posture and lessen strain on the back. Post-surgery scars will get covered if prosthesis is worn. Wearing a breast form also lessen chances of muscle and bone problems after the surgery.

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