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What is Absorbent Dressing?

Absorbent Compress dressings are super absorbent wound dressings designed to treat highly exuding wounds and protect them from exposure to the environment. They are capable of retaining large amounts of exudates and preventing bacteria from entering the wound. Absorbent dressings stay dry and comfortable and do not require frequent change. These exudate-absorbing dressings maybe used as primary or secondary dressings to manage surgical incisions, burns, lacerations, abrasions, venous leg ulcers, skin ulcers and associated conditions.
There is a vast range of absorbent dressings in varying sizes, shapes and attributes to suit different wound types. Types include non-adherent absorbent dressings and adherent absorbent dressings. These are discount wound care absorbers, cost effective as well as high quality.

How Absorbent Dressings works?

Absorbent dressings are multi-layered and made up of a blend of highly absorptive layers of cellulose/cotton/rayon fibers with either a non-adherent or semi-adherent layer. The non-adherent layer minimizes adherence to the wound bed therefore leaving the wound undisturbed and allowing it to heal faster.
These exudate-absorbing dressings maintain a moist wound environment at the right level so as to promote healing. They remove the exudate away from the skin surface through rapid, vertical wicking action and flick into the super absorbent polymers. The exudate collects in the core thus shielding the wound edge from risk of maceration.External fluid is repelled and strike-through is prevented.
You can pick from
adherent absorbent dressing, low-adherent absorbent dressing and non-adherent absorbent dressing types. The Hydrogel Dot Dressing from Ferris is a non-adherent exudate absorbing dressing with a moisturizer that keeps the dressing pad from adhering to the wound. Medline’s SORBEXdressing is highly absorbent but non-adherent and conforms softly to the body contours.

Top Selling Absorbent Dressing

Molnlycke’s Mepore surgical dressing is an example of a low-adherent absorbent dressing. The gentle adherence reduces pain and tissue damage on removal of the dressing. It is an air permeable type which provides a secure yet soft adherence.Coloplast’s Biatain Dressing is an example of an adherent absorbent dressing with a semi-permeable, water- and bacteria-proof top film, a hydrocolloid component for the adhesion and a non-adhesive wound contact layer. A big plus about thissuper absorbent wound dressing is its ability to reduce risks of infection. When an absorbent dressing is applied to a wound site, it pulls out the excess exudate on the wound and retains it within along with the cellular debris from the wound bed and bacteria. This brings down infection chances because the bacteria is retained within the exudate and not allowed to enter the wound. Some absorbent dressings form a gel-like substance on coming into contact with the exudate.
There are absorbent dressings for wounds with silver which can destroy the bacteria on the wound bed. The dressing releases silver ions to form an antimicrobial barrier within minutes and reduce the number of bacteria and yeast.
Our range of absorbent dressings is designed to lower nursing time. You can shop by their properties and choose from anti-shear, absorbent, non-occlusive, waterproof, adhesive and hypoallergenic absorbent dressings. The Exu-Dry Pads and Sheets from Smith & Nephew have an anti-shear layer which reduces shearing and protects fragile granulation tissue.
All our absorbent dressings are from trusted makers and top brands are featured here combining high quality with lowest pricing.