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Abduction is the movement of a limb or other body part away from the midline of the body. An abduction pillow is a medical recovery device that prevents the movement of body parts after an injury or surgical procedure. It keeps the body part stable and helps facilitate the healing process. Abduction pillows are rigid as they need to keep the body apart for a specified period. These pillows commonly come with straps keeping the torso and joints of the user in place. We at Health Products For You offer a wide array of abduction pillows and wedges that help you overcome various health conditions from top brands like Medline Industries and Rolyan.

How does an Abduction Pillow help in recovery from Hip Surgery?

A hip abduction pillow is designed to keep your legs stable after a Hip Replacement and Injury. While you are in bed, the pillow keeps your hip straight and prevents it from moving out of the joint. The pillow also prevents the patient from rotating the hip or pelvis too far during the recovery period. Doctors and health care providers recommend abduction pillows to keep the legs unmoved after surgery. The patient needs to sleep with the pillow to prevent rolling and turning that can cause damage to the newly healing tissues. Sometimes the patient may require the pillow during the daytime owing to the nature of the injury or surgery. You might need to use a hip abduction pillow for some time as directed by the doctor.

The pillow is placed between your legs and wrapped with straps around your thighs and ankles. Subsequently, the straps should not be so tight to slow the blood supply. It would help if you changed your position every two hours to prevent bedsores or skin breakdown. It would be best if you also did exercises directed by the physician to improve blood circulation in the legs and strengthen the joints. One of our top-selling products is the Rolyan Abduction Pillow used after hip surgery.

What is a Wedge Pillow?

A wedge pillow is a triangle-shaped little tool that raises the upper or lower body to help improve circulation, reduce snoring, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas while you sleep. However, they are used in a variety of orientations for different purposes. One may use them for sitting comfortably on the bed to watch television or read a book.

Benefits of Wedge Pillow

The wedge pillow helps in relieving many sleep and health issues. It offers numerous benefits that everyone could use. They come in different sizes and are made from various materials like polyfoam or memory foam. The angle of the wedge pillow differs depending on the height of the pillow. Height plays an important role in relieving specific health conditions.

Before buying a wedge pillow, one should keep in mind how much elevation they require, their preferred sleeping position, and what are symptoms they want to be alleviated. A wedge pillow is used to improve or reduce symptoms of:

1. Acid Reflux

People who have reflux or GERD may benefit from sleeping with their heads elevated at a certain angle. These pillows use gravity which stops stomach acids from flowing back into the esophagus and causing heartburn.

2. Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Some people experience snoring during sleep which disturbs their sleeping patterns leading to sleep apnea. When you sleep flat on your back, gravity works against the respiratory system and can collapse the airway. A wedge pillow can help reposition the head and neck to keep the airways open for improved breathing, thus reducing symptoms of snoring.

3. Sinus Problem

When you keep your head and shoulders elevated at an angle, it helps drain your sinuses and ease sinus pressure. A wedge pillow might help you sleep better when you have a stuffy nose from a cold or the flu.

4. Neck And Back Pain

People who have back and neck pain may benefit from a wedge pillow as it helps to maintain a proper alignment of the spine. Typically, people with upper back pain benefit more from a wedge pillow than lower back pain.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnant women find it difficult to get a good night's sleep. It is recommended to sleep on your side during this time. If you sleep tucking a wedge pillow between your legs, it will support your lower back and belly. It will make it easier to stay on your side and sleep well.

6. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition where pressure builds up in the eyes, damaging the optic nerve. It can lead to blindness. Using a wedge pillow can help ease this pressure when you sleep.

Top Picks for Best Wedge Pillows

  1. A3BS Large Foam Wedge Pillow: It is beneficial for those dealing with acid reflux and respiratory problems.
  2. Medline T-Shape Knee Abduction Wedge: It has buckle straps to hold patient legs in the proper position for optimum Healing after hip surgery.
  3. Joerns Healthcare BioClinic Positioning Wedges: It supports patients in several positions without slipping or sliding.
  4. Skil-Care Anti-Reflux Wedge: It helps patients suffering from acid reflux, asthma, and emphysema.
  5. Skil-Care 30-Degree Foam Wedges with Velcro For Bolster System: It can be used for patient transfer.

Where to buy Abduction Pillow Wedges Online?

HPFY offers lightweight, soft and multi-purpose pillows and wedges available in varied shapes, sizes from top manufacturers such as Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Skil Care, Span America, Geneva Healthcare, and many more.

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