Which Incontinence Products to Buy

The market is crawling with manufacturers of adult incontinence products and you can get what you ask for! All types of incontinence demands are met with ease as each producer vies with the other to bring out better quality and more variety. And the beneficiary is the customer!

The consumer has the manufacturer to thank for... for taking care of all his/her needs. If you look at the assortment of adult diapers, protective underwear, incontinence pads, incontinence shields, underpads floating around in the market, you are going to feel dizzy! Which incontinence brand to choose, which style to select, which feature to settle for? All of this can get mind-boggling because, happily, adult incontinence products are many and the choices far too many. There are incontinence products for men as well as a variety of female incontinence products. Buy adult incontinence products online without much hassle.

Let us take up one particular product type. Adult diapers. Look around you and see the variety on offer. You will not know what to buy unless you have narrowed down your requirements and then zeroed on to one.

But for someone out there to buy his first adult incontinence product, what does he see before him?

Best adult diapers and briefs

You can buy conventional style of adult diapers, disposable in nature and with tape tabs or hook-and-loop fasteners on the side. Some pull on and off like elastic banded underwear. Adult diapers and briefs come in a variety of styles and are a popular buy. Because of their highly absorbent inner core, adult incontinence underwear have higher absorbency rates and also provide greater leakage protection. Adult diapers either have cloth-like backing or the more economical plastic backing. Leg elastics and refastenable or non-refastenable tabs are other features. Adult diapers and briefs are available in day style, which is for lighter protection, or for overnight use, which is heavier protection.You can opt for the best reusable briefs or reusable adult diapers or look for disposable underwear.

Once you are done checking out the adult diapers and briefs line-up, you realize that these are not the only adult incontinence products you can buy online or from a store. You have more choices before you. Should you go in for the more popular, more conventional diaper style or can you afford to settle for something more comfortable but with less protection? It all depends on your incontinence needs.

Take a look at:

Protective underwear

These look and work like regular undergarments but their absorbency rates are lower and generally, they are not equipped to handle severe incontinence. Protective underwear are easier to use because they can be pulled on and off quite effortlessly. They are available in both disposable and reusable types. The reusable ones are fitted with a waterproof liner and built-in cloth pad equipped to absorb 10 or more ounces of urine. You can get in different colors and also in day and overnight styles. Protective underwear are more expensive but in the long run, work out to be more economical.

Best incontinence pads and liners

These are to be worn inside a regular underwear and exist in both disposable and reusable type. An adhesive strip keeps the incontinence pad or liner attached to the underwear. They can go quite undetectable under regular clothing but are not designed for heavy incontinence. These adult incontinence pads and liners are for handling light incontinence flow such as dribbles and keep the skin free from moisture. You can choose from a substantial variety of male incontinence pads types as well as those designed for women. Sometimes booster pads are worn inside an adult diaper to provide additional protection and reduce the frequency of diaper change.

Best incontinence underpads

Protective underpads are ideal for overnight use and can be spread over mattresses, sofas, chairs and other furniture. Incontinence bed pads take care of the mattress and keep it dry and smelling fresh. This product is designed to take care of your skin and handle all levels of absorbency. Again, disposable bed pads and reusable bed pads are available.

You will see that there is no dearth of bladder control products in the market but a thorough homework about your personal needs will stand you in good stead.