Supporting the Thigh

Supporting the Thigh

By Taikhum Sadiq

How important is my thigh?

The femur or the thigh bone is the longest and strongest bone in the body. It is so strong that archaeologists have found femur bones dating to 10000 years ago. They support the weight of the body and prevent all the stress from falling on the legs and the feet. They are made in such a way that they can withstand a huge amount of stress. Proof of this is that it takes a car crash to cause a fracture in the femur.

What are the problems associated with the thigh?

There are a number of problems that can affect the thigh bone but some of them are the most commonly diagnosed problems. Thigh bone fracture or femur shaft fracture is the fracture that occurs in the femur shaft of the thigh. There are different types of these fractures depending on the intensity of the break and the region where it has occurred. The types are, transverse, oblique, spiral, comminuted, and open fractures. They cause immediate pain and inflammation and the fractured leg may look deformed. The other problem is muscle strains in the thigh. There are a set of different muscles that support the functioning of the thigh and excessive strain on these muscles can cause a rupture or tear in them. This results in stiffness, pain, and inflammation. Hamstring muscle strains are common in the sporting world.

Other problems that can affect the thigh region include deep vein thrombosis and meralgia paresthetica. Deep vein thrombosis refers to the clotting of blood in the deep veins of the thigh. This happens due to the damaging of a vein or the slowing down of blood flow in that specific region. Meralgia paresthetica or burning thigh pain is a result of the stressing of the nerves in the thigh due to swelling or inflammation of the muscles. This restricts the passage of signals to the brain thus resulting in severe pain and burning sensation.

Who is affected by these problems?

Usually it is difficult to break the femur bone and hence major accidents like a car crash, bullet wounds, etc are the reasons that a femur shaft fracture might occur. Falling from a great height might also cause the bone to crack but old people are more vulnerable in such cases as the bones become weak during this age. Muscle strains usually occur during excessive physical exercises and are common in the sporting problem. Mild strains can be cured by a healing spray but severe ones may need urgent medical attention. Deep vein thrombosis occurs due to a number of reasons such as if a person has varicose veins, smoking, pregnancy, or old age.

What are my treatment options?

Treatment options mainly include surgery if the problem is intense. For deep vein thrombosis compression stockings are recommended combines with supports if the leg cannot function properly. For strains and fracture, braces, wraps, and supports are recommended, as they reduce pain and also enhance the mobility even during moments of stiffness.

What are my options?

Supporting the ThighSupporting the ThighSupporting the ThighSupporting the Thigh

Captain Iliotibial Support is designed to provide comfortable compression to the outside of the upper knee to prevent Iliotibial band friction and snapping, and to help alleviate pain associated with ITBS or Runners Knee. Proper stretching and icing of the injured area should be performed frequently to aid in the recovery of iliotibial band syndrome.

Captain Adjustable Thigh Support provides compression and support for the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Made with high quality, non-slip neoprene, this fully adjustable support helps retain therapeutic body heat to minimize and alleviate pain due to muscle strains and pulls. It is equipped with three Velcro closures to ensure a customized fit on either leg.

Thermoskin Thigh Hamstring Support provides protection and support for the thigh and aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of quadriceps and hamstring muscle strain. It has 3 dimensional lining which provides insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation. This allows the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods. It provides light but firm compression to counter act tissue swelling. It is clinically tested to increase the skin and muscle temperature.

JoViPak Hip Hugger extends from just below the knee to the waist and is held in position by the unpadded band that wraps around the hip and is secured in front with a VELCRO brand. It is perfect for patient with thigh swelling. A lower leg garment can be added later if necessary. The unpadded cuff on the lower end of the Hip Hugger fits inside all the JoViPak lower leg garments