Slide and Bathe

Slide and Bathe

This type of transfer bench is very different from the other types of benches as in this; the user simply sits on a seat and then slides to the other side, usually on rails or a sliding frame. This reduces friction in movement considerably and makes it easy for more highly dependent patients.

They come in different lengths and have either padded seats or swivel seats. These benches are mainly intended for use when a caregiver is involved. The chair portion detaches from the track and functions just like a wheelchair making it possible for your caregiver to transport you safely into and out of the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, the chair is connected to the track inside the tub and the top portion is specially designed so the seat part (and you) can be easily slid across the track, over the tub wall, and safely into and out of the bathtub. Usually it has three sets of rails that dock together allowing a seated patient to roll from a mobile chair into a bathtub or shower. The bench supports the seated patient and chair during bathing or showering. The bridge rails and wheeled base can then be disconnected and moved away so the caregiver can have unobstructed access to the patient for bathing.

A good example is the Columbia Omni Reclining Bath Shower And Commode Transfer System which is used for positioning, as a bedside commode, over-the-toilet commode, roll-in shower chair and bath slider. The bacterial and fungal-resistant Comfort Mesh cover ensures clean comfort, while the foldable tub bench makes storage easy. It features a reduced footprint to facilitate access in small bathrooms. Next is the Columbia Versa Bath Shower and Commode Transfer System which is multi-functional, light-weight system that can be used as a roll-in shower chair, bedside commode, over-the toilet commode, bath slider or transfer chair. This multi functional transfer system reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment. It is designed for independent use or with assistance.

Another good example is the Snap N Save Sliding Transfer Bench with Padded Swivel Seat and Back and makes getting in and out of the bathtub easy and safe. Just sit on the seat and slide into the tub. It has strong suction tipped legs to prevent movement on wet surfaces. Its swivel seat turns 360 degrees and locks at every 90 degree, allowing easier entry to and exit from bench. The padded seat and back resist moisture penetration. Last but not the least the Snap N Save Sliding Tub Mount Transfer Bench with Swivel Molded Seat and Back has strong suction tipped legs to prevent movement on wet surfaces. The swivel seat turns 360 degree and locks at every 90 degree allowing easier entry and exit from bench. The entry side of bench mounts to most tub walls for space savings in smaller bathrooms.


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