Gift Ideas for Kids

Gifts are something that children will always open with curiosity expecting some fun hidden inside. To bring smile on their face and take their enthusiasm on another level it is best to see what does child like the most. Each child is unique in itself.

Taking kids to shopping mall and letting them choose gift for themselves can be full of hustle and chaos. At one moment the child want this and at another moment, something else. That is something anyone would want to avoid but at the same time the gift has to be perfect. There are some gifts that children enjoy at their fullest and would never get tired of them.

1. Floor Sitter

Gift Ideas for Kids

Floor sitter can be an ideal and thoughtful gift for a kid. Kids always tend to sit on the floor and play. But with Fun And Function Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter they can comfortably sit, play and study. It helps kids to sit longer and focus better with a soft support. It provides a soft seat with just the right amount of side and back support to enhance attention while listening, reading and communicating.

2. Soft Saddle Scooter

Gift Ideas for Kids

Saddle scooters for kids are fun to ride. By playing on saddle scooter, kids can build their confidence with a variety of activities. Fun And Function Soft Saddle Scooter is made up of comfortable soft-cell foam that encourages play and exercise for longer time spans. Seat of the scooter is closer to the ground and more supportive, enabling small kids to ride with confidence. It strengthens the upper and lower extremities and improves balance, posture, and coordination. 

3. Aquarium Cum Play mat

 Gift Ideas for Kids

Surprise the kid with a visually attractive Aquarium cum play mat. Gonge Aquarium Cum Playmat has a unique ZipBin design suitable for storage and use as a play mat. Simply unzip the corner zips of the aquarium to unfold into a seascape. It is made up of plastic-coated foam. Kids can have hours of fun on it. Their vast imagination will come out while playing on it. Aquarium cum play mat is best suitable as an addition to Gonge Shoal of Fish where children are able to catch fish in either the aquarium or the pond.

4. Jumbo Brown Bear Plush Toy

Gift Ideas for Kids

The child will be amazed to see a Jumbo Brown Bear Therapeutic Learning Plush Toy. It is over two feet in every dimension and features soft, furry fabric and a classic teddy-bear look. This soft and huggable timeless teddy will delight bear lovers of every age. Soft hug from bear to the child gives the feeling of well-being and keeps a child calm and happy. Kids may conduct elaborate conversation to stuffed toys and share their feelings at the end of the day. This helps them deal with emotions as well.

5. Butterfly Chair

Gift Ideas for Kids

Delight the child with a beautiful pink and green colored Butterfly chair. For instance Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Chair is a folding chair with brightly striped and sturdy metal frame. It also has a handy cup holder positioned at child’s fingertips, which will give the sense of comfort and security. A child can comfortably sit and play or study. It is best to keep the chair near an adult to keep an eye on the child (if the child is active).

6. Sleeping Bag

Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift a sleeping bag to a child and go for a night safari in backyard. Under the twinkling stars and fresh breeze let the child have its first experience. Melissa & Doug Mollie Ladybug Child Sleeping Bag is stuffed with comfy polyester and is the perfect place for a night filled with sweet dreams. It is five feet long that can accommodate even the tallest of kid while being very gentle towards their soft skin.

7. Bean Bag Chair

Gift Ideas for Kids

Bean bag chairs are favourite among kids. Since they are light weight, bean bag chairs are easy to move from one room to another. It can be used to sit in upright position or just lying down. Rainbow Bean Bag Chair comes in pear shaped design which provides back support and comfortable seating for children. This bean bag chair is double stitched with clear nylon for added strength and has 250 pounds weight capacity. It is covered in wipe-clean vinyl with five brilliant color sections and filled with Styrofoam beads. Children are going to love this gift.


These are just few gift items listed here. There are wide varieties of gift items available in the kids section of Scroll through the amazing collection for more gift ideas.


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