13 Great Wound Care Products

13 Great Wound Care Products

When dealing with first-aid and wound care, there is no shortage of medical products available. So much so that they will make your head spin. In order to deal with wound care properly and efficiently, it is important to find the right medical aids so you can treat wounds in an efficient and safe manner. This can keep costs down while providing proper care. We here at HPFY can show you a baker’s dozen (13) of great wound care products.

First-Aid and Wound Care

When performing first aid or wound care, having the right supplies on hand can be critical to start the healing process as soon as possible, not to mention minimizing or eliminating the risk of infection. The ability to keep dirt and bacteria out of wounds is critical to the healing process. It is an infection that can lead to much more serious issues down the road if proper wound care is not administered. Here are 13 great wound care products available to you:

  1. Latex-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Available in four sizes (S-XL), these examination gloves are ideal for wound care or treatment that presents a minimal risk of biological contamination. These nonsterile exam gloves are semitransparent and powder free, while meeting or exceeding ASTM and FDA exam glove standards.
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol

    With 70% alcohol and 30% water, this antiseptic cleanser dries in seconds and is ideal for cleaning germs from minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds or abrasions. It can kill mold, germs, and fungus and penetrates the cell wall more completely therefore permeating the entire cell and coagulating all proteins which causes the organism to die. Great for general external cleaning as well as in clean rooms or medical facilities.
  3. Molnlycke Mepilex Border Sacrum Self Adherent Silicone Foam Dressing

    This all-in-one foam dressing is excellent at fluid handling capacity and dynamic permeability, therefore creating a moist wound bed  to expedite healing. Designed specifically for pressure ulcers and other acute or chronic wounds to the sacral area, it is ideal for moderate to high exuding wounds and has a bacteria, viral, and water proof film and can stay in place up to seven days depending upon exudate level and wound condition.
  1. Remedy Intensive Skin Therapy Skin Repair Cream

    Keeping skin from drying and cracking can help keep skin resilient and this cream is formulated with Phytoplex that contains jojoba esters, Manuka honey, and other natural oils along with a 5% dimethicone active ingredient. It is great for skin repair and maintaining healthy, natural skin and is paraben free and safe for all ages.
  2. Global Health Hexigen Wound Dressing

    The petroleum base of this wound dressing won’t dry up or macerate wounds like hydrogels and is nonirritating, non-cytotoxic, and non-irritating making it ideal for extended wear. Not only does it protect wounds it prevents dressing adherence and subsequent wound disruption. It can be indicated for both acute or chronic wounds and has a wide spectrum of effectiveness against known pathogens.
  3. Medline CURAD Bacitracin Ointment with Zinc

    This ointment is perfect for minor cuts, scrapes, and even burns with a formula that contains 500 units of bacitracin zinc. Designed for external use only, this ointment is available in convenient foil packages or in easy to store tubes and are great for emergency or home first-aid kits.
  1. Safe N Simple Simpurity DermaPro Waterproof Silicone Tape

    Ideal for repelling moisture and securing wound dressings, this silicone tape has a silicone adhesive that is gentle enough for sensitive skin areas while securing dressings and is even waterproof when applied properly. It is latex free and can minimize or eliminate pain during removal, all the while keeping a good healing environment for any wound.
  2. Medline Curad Sterile Saline Wound Wash

    Removing any dirt or debris from the wound is the first step in the healing process and this spray wash dispenses a controlled spray of 0.9% USP sodium chloride at any angle (even upside down). It allows for the cleaning of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns without touching the wounded area. Sterile and latex free, the spray is ideal for home or hospital use with better control and no waste. Effective and economical!!
  3. Hydrofera Blue Ready Transfer Foam Dressing

    Designed to protect wounds these contain antibacterial properties and contain two organic pigments (gentian violet & methylene blue) in open celled polyurethane foam. This non-sticking, waterproof, and ready to use dressing has a waterproof back sheet for a moisture barrier and is non-cytotoxic so it can be worn for up to seven days.
  1. Medline Curad Sterile Nonstick Pads with Adhesive Tabs

    These soft, nonwoven pads have a soft, absorbent core with gentle, adhesive strips on each side for easy application and removal. The vented outer film allows for fluid absorption into the pad and nonstick contact with the wound. While wicking and absorbing wound exudate, these pads also cushion, cover, and protect the wound area and allows for ouchless removal.
  2. Medline Sterile Cotton Rolls

    These highly absorbent, surgical grade cotton rolls are designed for the cleaning and padding of wounds. They are made from 100% cotton and are ideal for applying medication to an infected area. These soft to the touch rolls are latex free.
  3. Hybrid Vinyl-Based Exam Gloves

    These exam gloves are DOP and latex free, while acting as an effective barrier against contamination and are a great alternative for those who have low potential allergies. They are comfortable and have a latex-like fit while still providing extra strength and enhanced tactile sensitivity.
  4. Medline Curad Variety Pack Assorted Bandages

    These are the Swiss Army knife of the wound care first-aid kit. They provide a wide assortment of size, shape, and style that include plastic, Flex-Fabric, shear, waterproof, and even fingertip/knuckle bandages. With over 30 infection control antibacterial bandages available, they should be the cornerstone of any wound care or first-aid kit anywhere. All bandages have 4-sided seal technology to keep out dirt and debris, therefore minimizing the risk of infection from bacteria or other pathogens.

As the Boy Scouts motto says, “be prepared.” Combine this with the old adage of the right tool for the right job and this is perfect for your wound care first aid kit. Having the right supplies available when you need them is critically important for proper healing of wounds. Finding the right wound care products will help you do the job right, efficiently, economically, and head off the dangerous risk of infection.


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